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To say that I don't think about U would B my biggest lie.

To say I don't still have dreams about us would also B A lie.

I try and try and try to move on from U, but in my head, there's still U & I.


I sometimes think about how our love survived past troubled situations,

but I guess our love couldn't overcome our most recent tribulation.

I try not to think about who U might now B fucking.

I try not to think about who U will someday start loving.


For a while, I thought we'd last together 4ever, but our relationship slowly began to fade and we both knew that it wouldn't ever get better.

I sometimes cry when I'm alone and allow my tears to gently stream down my face, depicting the saddest river.

Sometimes I miss you sooooo much that my lips begin to quiver.


Since U left, I sometimes feel so weak and I'm stuck in a constant state of defeat, U threw me away and pressed delete.

I sometimes miss U so much that I find myself writing down your name.

It makes U feel close again, just dulling my heart's pain.

But I wish U the best, even though I'm depressed.

I just wish U never left but I will hold on to our memories until the day of my last breath.  



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