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Who Am I?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Who am I?

“Who am I? What am I doing? Y does it feel like I am losing?”

Who amI? Who am I? That is a simple, but to me it seems to be an extremely tough question. It's not like I don't feel comfortable with myself and I am pretending to be someone I am not. I guess the best way to describe it is that I don't know what I am really supposed to do with my life. I feel like everyone has that same sort of feeling at some point in their life. It just seems that everyone seems to find what they are supposed to be doing with their lives and are happy but I still can't seem to decide. I put a lot of pressure on myself on trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but all I do know is I like to write. Whenever I write I feel like I better understand myself. I write words down that help repair my damaged self.

“I seem to fail and fail. I never prevail. I feel like I'm isolated in jail."

Writing has always been my closest companion. When I type or write out my thoughts it feels like I am breathing fresh air. When I write out and I'm completely honest the words fall onto the page effortlessly. In my book "Jimmy" I write that I want to share my feelings not help destroy. I want to reveal my despair and show that I care. I want to inspire others to write out their distressed thoughts. No matter how dark and decrepit the thoughts that are on a persons mind. I want the pen or keyboard to be used violently. Use your words to kill your darkest thoughts. - Jimmy Macadoo

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