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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

"I've felt broke most of my life, and I'm not sure exactly what to do about it."

Ever since I was young I have always been pretty good with my money. I got my first paying job when I was a below average paper boy at 11 or 12 years old. Ever since then I knew that if I worked at something then I can get paid for it. My next job was at a McDonald's when I was 16 years old, and ever since then I have worked one or more jobs in order to get myself ahead financially. I always hated asking for money from anyone. I never minded working hard. My dad always told me that a good work ethic built good character. It was nice making my own money and while I still lived with my parents I was able to save up a few thousand dollars. After I graduated from high school and got a better paying job at Americas favorite seafood restaurant "Red Lobster". I was able to move out on my own in a 1 bedroom apartment a block away from a pretty run down neighborhood. Despite the location I felt great. I was young, single, and I was making enough money to live on my own. Life was not too bad. During my first two years living on my own I was able to make enough money to support myself while going to school. Community college wasn't expensive and my parents helped me pay for my schooling. It wasn't until I transferred to Sacramento State that I made a very dumb decision and I took out high interest student loans to pay for my schooling so I could finish my bachelor degree. Going to a state school was considerably much more expensive than community college. I felt obligated to continue my studies after I finished my 60 units at a junior college that it meant I was only halfway done. However, the second half of my schooling was much more expensive than my first two years of college.

“It wasn't until I transferred to Sacramento State that I made a very dumb decision and I took out high interest student loans to pay for my schoolings so I could finish my degree."


Upon graduation I had 6 months to find a job before $700 a month student loan payments. Despite getting my degree I only got it because I felt obligated to finish what I started. So I got my degree but still had no idea what career I really wanted to pursue, but when you're in a boat load of debt you really can't afford to be to picky. I applied to every entry level job I could find. I just thought I needed to get started with climbing some sort of corporate ladder so I can make as much money as possible so I could be able to afford all of the expenses I had in life. Eventually after applying to a few dozen jobs I was able to land an entry level job getting paid a few dollars over the minimum wage. Working close to a minimum wage job and paying rent in California don't quite go together. I had a $750 monthly student loan payment, a $600 a month rent, $340 car payment, a $140 car insurance, $130 car insurance, $110 cell phone bill. All of this plus gas, and electricity, food, clothing, and whatever amount I have left I use for my vices. I had to work 2 jobs and I still made barely enough money to get by. I had no time for anything other than to work my life away. I felt broke both financially and mentally. I would live my life to work in order to pay my debts.


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